2019 - 2020 Batch

Dr Warri Fire

It’s been a difficult/interesting ride but we thank God it’s over! Special thanks to Dr. Livinus and Acemedix!
I didn’t make it the first time but I accepted the result quickly and moved on. What makes Acemedix unique is the level of unending care and support provided to those that don’t make! The brand remains there and would also help you in every single way they can.

Acemedix understands the MDCN exam so well, so the tutorials are structured in a way that u would most likely ace the exam. Even if you don’t make it at your first attempt, the helps you to identify your lapses and make up for them quickly, ensuring that you clear the exam in your next attempt (in my case). I hope Acemedix gets bigger to get across to more foreign trained doctors, train them concretely so passing MDCN will become mainstream.

Thank you, Livinus. Thank you, Acemedix. Thank you, Lord.

Dr Victor

I just want to say thank you for your advice, motivation and for setting up the Acemedix Academy. When I came back to Nigeria from Ukraine, I was really scared of MDCN exam because of all the stories I had heard and the uncertainty the exam brings. I didn't even know what tutorial to attend because there were so many of them, but I remember I went to the MDCN office and someone recommended Acemedix to me. I'm glad I actually went ahead and registered with you guys. I passed this exam because of 3 things: 1. God 2. Hard work. 3. Acemedix. Thank you once again for your dedication to helping others succeed and thank you for having competent doctors to teach all of us. May God continue to bless you, Doc.

Dr Stansley

My name is Onyedikachukwu Stanislaus Onyia, a medical graduate of Kampala International University, Uganda. I completed med school in July of 2019. Unfortunately, due to some delay in getting my certificate, I was unable to return to Nigeria until the 30th of October. This was less than a month to the November 26th MDCN exams. Having decided against reading alone, I decide to join Acemedix tutorial on the advice of some of my friends. It turned out to be the right decision. At Acemedix, the dedication and warmth of tutors like Dr. Dozie, Dr. Bukky, Dr. Seyi, Dr. Philip and others is contagious. Plus, I was able to meet wonderful people amongst the students who became my study mates. I'm so thankful to God for using Acemedix to move me to the next level. May God bless you all beyond your expectations. Thanks.”


Thank God first for everything 🙏. The Doctors at Acemedix really helped me throughout this journey. They didn’t just teach us broad topics but focused topics needed to ace this MDCN exam. That’s what I paid for and that’s what I got!! Thank you, guys once again. Thank you Acemedix family for everything. I’m grateful 😭😭🙏🙏.

Dr Sirawo (Lady Lebs)

Hi, I’m Dr. Sirawo, I decided to make a bold move and register with Acemedix after hearing great testimonies from past students. In this family, I got guidance, direction on how to read, motivation and above all lots of materials for preparation. In particular, Dr. Dozie’s clerking and counseling tips were my saving grace.

Dr Uthman Maimuna

I came back to Nigeria with zero confidence of passing MDCN. That changed after a few weeks of attending classes at Acemedix. The support from the Acemedix family is tremendous. Thank you for guiding us on how to study and making us better doctors. You all will be in my heart forever ❤️”

Dr Taqwa

Good lord! I can’t believe that I’ve passed this exam! Both before and after I came back to Nigeria, I had heard horrific stories about MDCN. I was told that you could fail even if you’re intelligent and have clinical experience. Acemedix got advertised to me and I was there a few days to my graduation contemplating if I would join or not. After reading some few testimonies, there was something about the confidence in Acemedix doctors. I joined on the 11th of September, 2019. I calculated and told myself that the time was too short and that I wouldn’t make it. But Dr. Livinus’s confidence was just too much to be ignored! Like some of my colleagues, I had ZERO courage to face this exam, but by October, I had started to feel the Acemedix magic!

Dr. Livinus, that your Kwara failure was a blessing in disguise because as it is now MDCN is about to be in the middle of you palm honestly. After the OSCE, I did some introspection, taking my mind through all the events leading up to the exam, and it occurred to me that Acemedix even OVER-prepared us because the exam wasn’t as complicated as I expected it to be. The formula I used was Acemedix + (hardwork x determination) + prayers, and MDCN is now history! Thank youand God bless Dr. Livinus and his super team. You’ve done this for me and most especially my parents because they’re happier than I am and I had been assuring them that Acemedix is the go-to place for preparation and they now believe I wasn’t just bluffing! To my future Acemedix family, just calm down, be hardworking, trust Dr. Livinus and his team. Llastly, trust and pray to your lord and I kid you not, MDCN will be history within a short time! May the Lord bless us all in our paths of life🙏🏽.

Dr Sharon Vicks

First, I want to thank God Almighty for this win because he alone is the beDr.ock of all I do. I can’t stop praising you Lord.

My experience is Acemedix was nothing short of PHENOMENAL! Joining this family was one of the best decisions I made for this exam. I passed the MDCN exam and I also acquired massive knowledge in tropical medicine, it was like I started medical school again from the scratch. Today, I can confidently say I am a fearless and better doctor, who is ready to conquer the world of medicine.

The information/lessons we had were properly streamlined and smartly curated in all the classes to equip up fully with everything we needed to soar. IT WAS 💯 % EXAM-FOCUSED, although the need for personal efforts, study groups, hard work and prayers cannot be overemphasized. Dr. Livinus never failed to remind us about this all the time.

Acemedix was a family, we had the best tutors who were more like friends and colleagues to us, always ready to guide and correct us no matter how tired they were.

I made friends too. I found another family, especially my resilient study group members (strangers bound by a common fear, goal and Dr.ive to overcome). And today all we can say is “Glory!!! WE MADE IT”.
I will recommend Acemedix family today, tomorrow, any day, anytime.

Thank you so much Dr. Livinus, Dr. Bukky, Dr. Mary, Dr. Ese, Dr. Seyi and Dr. Zoe.
Y’all can’t be left out in this success story because you are a part of it. I love you all!

Dr Shaakaa Tavershima

Three to four months ago, if someone had told me I’ll pass this exam in one sitting, I would’ve laughed at that person. Fast forward to today, I’m now a Doctor licensed to practice in Nigeria and my country of study.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and watchful eyes of my tutors at Acemedix. At beginning there was so much to ingest and digest but with the professional execution from Acemedix, everything was made easy and focused.

These guys give you exactly what you need to pass this examination but, of course, there’s only so much they can do. Individual studies are very important for maximum preparation.

They won’t teach you what you won’t see in the exam. I can say this boldly because all 10 OSCE stations were topics/subjects we tackled during the tutorial.

I remember that when we started, Dr. Livinus said that by the end of the tutorial, we should be able to clerk and counsel 20 different cases (10 for each), perfectly, with no mistakes. I thought to myself that it was not possible...but I was wrong. By the end of the tutorial I could clerk and counsel any and everything, even the weird cases. This was birthed through personal and constant practice.

Personal studies and group discussions were also key and can never be overemphasized. These two will help in CBT, physical examinations, clerking, counseling and in boosting your confidence. THANK YOU ACEMEDIX. IT HAS BEEN A PRIVILEGE. Over and out!

Dr Ramlatu Auta

First of all, I would like to thank God Almighty for his favour on us and Acemedix for adequately prepping us for the exams. When I first came to Abuja, I was scared because I didn’t know where to start. But with the help of Acemedix, I was able to narrow down to the most important topics. I can’t thank Acemedix enough for the OSCE preparation, it really helped. Thank you, Dr. Livinus, Dr. Ese, Dr. Seyi, Dr. Mary and Dr. Philip. You all did well for us. God bless you

Dr Oma

I never wanted to write a testimonial but I believe I need to show the people that helped me some gratitude.

Well, I had been studying a great deal at home and working at the hospital for months, but I still felt a void because I didn’t know the precise way of attacking this exam. For those who know me, I have always been an easy-way-out type of person and I needed a sure way of doing that for this exam. The choice I made was to choose ACEMEDIX to guide my reading and I was not put to shame.

Dr Oluwole Ifeoluwa Kanyinsola

It has been a long time coming, writing for so long. Time after time no good result. But by God’s grace and with the help of Dr. Livinus and his team (all of you wonderful colleagues) my name is finally up there. I can finally breathe. I pray for all those who are still on this journey, it will come to an end soon. Do not give up, do not be ashamed and good luck

Dr Odiase Benedict Efosa

I want to specially thank you, Dr. Livinus, for your hard work and commitment to make sure we did well in the just concluded MDCN exam. Even though I was in Lagos center, your desire to see all of us excel was amazing. I passed my exam on my first attempt 😀. Once again, thank you and God bless you 🙏.

Dr Maryam Ahmed Yusufari

Hello, my name is Maryam Ahmed Yusufari. I was referred to Acemedix by a friend who had passed the exam in one sitting. Believe me, I have no regrets about joining Acemedix! My experience at Acemedix was amazing. Dr. Livinus and his team didn’t just teach us how to pass the exam, but they also taught us how to build our confidence and believe in ourselves. The main thing I noticed was how the tutorials really helped in my clerking, counselling and physical examinations. Dr. Livinus, words alone can’t express my appreciation for you. You have put in sooo much effort and sacrificed a lot for us. If I am to choose again, I will choose the Acemedix Academy over and over again! Without hesitation! Without a doubt!

Dr Lizzie

I joined Acemedix in the beginning of July, 2018 with the hope that I would blast MDCN. I even attended the National Hospital program where I paid 200 thousand naira. I was sure that being involved in the tutorial and rotation in the hospital would make me pass without stress. I missed some days of the tutorials, but there was one thing Dr. Livinus would always do, he would take the classes and do revisions. I wasn’t the go back to my book person. So, I just took notes but didn’t go through them after lessons. I kept reading bigger textbooks without knowing that my success was in my little brown book from Acemedix. I didn’t make it in November, 2018, so, I did another tutorial with Dr. Livinus for the May 2019 exam and had another book that I didn’t ignore. I still didn’t pass but all my friends did. I cried for just a day and told myself I have all I need to make it.

I took a trip to ease myself from all the trauma and stress and I got back a gingered doctor. I brought out all my notes from Acemedix and I dissected them. This time, I didn’t touch any textbook—just those materials. I remembered everything from my notes and could answer any questions my study mates asked me. They were always marveled and would ask where I got my materials from. I would reply with confidence that I got them from Dr. Livinus’ lessons. I gave my friends (study mates) the same notes and they screamed. They literally asked me “So you have all this and yet you didn’t make it?” They took the notes went home and copied into theirs. We went all out with that note. And guess what? We all made it. Thank you, Dr. Livinus, for pouring out your knowledge into my little brown book. That book contained everything from the beginning of clerking, MCQs, counseling, lab values, X-rays interpretation and picture tests.

With Acemedix my clerking has always been on fire. My picture test game became stronger 😁, and I built my confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Acemedix. God bless you Dr. Livinus

Dr Jennifer

I am really glad my friend recommended Acemedix to me. The teachers are so patient and understanding, making sure we were well-rounded in both OSCE and CBT. Dr. Livinus’ book was definitely an OSCE game changer! In a space of 4 months, I learnt a whole lot I wouldn’t have imagined on my own. I can’t deny the power of personal effort, but I must confess Acemedix was the compass I knew I needed after the first few classes. This is definitely our Victory! All thanks to God Almighty. God bless Acemedix!

Dr Fauzi

Thank God Almighty. When I first came back to Nigeria, I was confused about what to read. I had all the recommended books and all, but a friend of mine recommended ACEMEDIX. Joining them has been very helpful till this very moment. I always thought what we were doing was not enough. But Acemedix made it clear it’s more than enough. Thank you Acemedix. God bless you all.

Dr Ayuk Jefferson

Going to Acemedix was one of the best decisions I made about my medical licensing exams. I didn’t have to read broad and wide, because all the high-yield topics, mock examinations and clerking given during the tutorial were focused for the exams. All I had to do was read lectures given in class and search a few things for clarification. I would recommend Acemedix to anyone writing the MDCN exam.

Dr Nwagu Kagu

I expected so much at first, and it felt like they weren't doing enough. But I soon realized it's not about covering so much but more about covering the things needed to pass this exam. The tutorial was focused and precise. No unwanted extras. And it helped to prevent overloading/overworking yourself. Thank you, Acemedix family.

Dr Heneang

The Acemedix experience is exam-focused and student-based which ensures that one grasps basic concepts and is able to apply them in a variety of scenarios. Acemedix tutorial has an excellent team working round the clock to ensure that you are well prepared for the MDCN exam

Dr Daniel Aganren

Doctor Livinus, I just want to say a big thank you for everything, for preparation towards the exams. We thank God for the success of the exams and that we made it. God bless you for everything

Dr Evangeline Ositelu

You can pass the MDCN exam at your first attempt, I DID. A guarantee with Acemedix tutorial is a boost in your confidence level and spot-on tactics in answering MDCN based questions. They’ve got clerking, counseling and physical examinations covered and will stop at nothing till you have all perfected!

I was mostly online and I can personally tell you that the difference between the online and offline is the physical exam, so it’s just a matter of choice. I wasn’t very confident in the beginning but the lessons were very comprehensive.

The team is very reliable and readily available to assist, they empathize very well. Using their handbook really helped a lot. God bless the Acemedix team. Thanks, 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.”

Dr Amira Tajs

My first attempt at MDCN Exam in Kano was unsuccessful. I was shattered, didn't know where I went wrong. I decided to join a tutorial because I didn't know what to study, perhaps I studied blindly that was why I failed the first time. I travelled to Abuja not knowing which tutorial to join. Some part of me was like I should just join my friends, the other sane part pushed me to check all the tutorials before making a choice. I checked out 3 tutorial centres, the last being Acemedix.

The moment I met Dr. Livinus, my mind became calm. I immediately knew I've met someone I could trust to help bring out my best. My friends decided to join other tutorials, but I decided on Acemedix and my mind was sure.

I left the comfort of being home, around friends and family, I moved to Acemedix hostel just so I could interact with likeminded individuals. Dr. Livinus wasn't just a tutor but a friend. He made sure we felt at home, he met our needs. Acemedix gave us the best because it's only now that I'm realizing why I didn't make it in April, it shaped me into becoming a better Doctor, it helped me build up my confidence.
Thank you, Acemedix Team. I'll forever cherish being a part of this wonderful family.

Dr Amaka

I have no words to describe my gratitude to Acemedix. After failing on 3 previous occasions, my friend, Peter, suggested Acemedix. At first, I hesitated because I felt there was nothing new they would teach me. I am so grateful I took his advice. The teachers are very patient and willing to teach. They will help you with clerking and counselling that you would be doing it in your sleep, no jokes. Even after class you can practice with the teachers, I mean. Thank you Acemedix, you made me ace this exam.

Dr Abadani Abdallah

Nahh! This isn’t a testimonial, per se. It is more of an appreciation message. You are a good man, Dr. Livinus and I’m glad that we ended up at your doorstep. The work you guys at Acemedix do is truly exceptional and I pray you keep getting bigger and better. The sky is your limit. Goodness surely comes to those who do good, so keep being good.

The phenomenal thing about Acemedix is that you take everyone along and ensure that no one is left behind. That, for me, is truly remarkable. Please keep it up. Also, do not let go of Dr. Philip and Dr. Mary without putting up a fight 😂😂.

Dr Rahamah Ademola

Thank you very much, Dr. Livinus. I have actually written this MDCN before (the last May exam), but I didn’t make it. During the last exam I attended your crash course in Kano and I was so moved by the way you teach. At that time, I didn’t know I wouldn’t make it. But when the unexpected happens, I decided I would attend your tutorial because I knew I would get the best. I am very happy that I did. Thank you very much for what you did for us at Acemedix and also for the loads of advice you gave to us. I can’t mention them all. I have no regrets about coming to Acemedix.

Dr Valentine Ugo

Hello Doctor, I want to say thank you for giving me the tool to pass this exam. Although I didn’t pass at the time I attended the lessons, I still applied the basics you taught me and I really appreciate that. God bless you.

Dr Ikenna Nwalu

I thank God for the decision of returning back to Acemedix for Tutorials after attending the crash course programme for May 2019 MDCN examination. My special thanks go to Dr. Livinus Abugu and Dr. Obasi Zikora Philip because they made it possible. 

Acemedix is exam-focused. Personal efforts, having a study group and prayers are also needed to scale through. I met amazing people through Acemedix who helped in the course of my preparations for MDCN examination and I strongly believe that the knowledge I acquired in Acemedix will help me throughout my medical career. 


I appreciate Dr. Livinus (top-notch), Dr. Mary (well done doc) and the whole Acemedix team. God bless you all

Dr Salimat

I’ve heard about acemedix From My senior colleagues that graduated and how they all passed at MDCN first sitting. I didn’t really understand the fuzz about the academy till I got there. I was surprised with everything I saw because they really exceeded my expectations. Apart from the outstanding tutorials and tutors, they treated all of us like Family. Acemedix is your key to passing MDCN at once. Just your class notes are enough for you to pass. Without Acemedix, I would have failed MDCN because not only do they prepare you academically, they also give you moral support which is very important for this exam. You will really need it on the D-day. I call Dr livinus the Father of MDCN, because I believe God really called him for this. No tutorial beats Acemedix, I can boldly say it to anyone. Therefore, I highly recommend Acemedix for anyone that doesn’t want to go through MDCN palaver again..

Dr Kendra

Dr. Dozie, I have just been overwhelmed since I saw my name on that list 😊. I just want to say thank you for what you are doing. When I came back, I had no idea what clerking and counselling was but now I can clerk and counsel in my sleep 😊, all thanks to Acemedix.

When I registered for this exam, I thought it was late and I initially had no intentions of writing this year. But the way ACEMEDIX boosted my courage and confidence which made me register and I conquered. I don’t think any other tutorials could have done this for me. Before I walked in to write the OSCE, all I had in mind was “confidence” and it helped a lot because I was so free at all the stations. Thanks for everything you and your team taught. You’re the best!

PS: I still would have given this review whether or not I passed because the fact that I even believed and felt I could do this means Acemedix did a great job. Thank you 😊

Dr Joy Damkor

I joined Acemedix late (Batch B), but the experience was wonderful. I literally studied only what Dr. Livinus offered. All thanks to Dr. Mary and Dr. Sharifa who helped me through clerking and counseling. Thanks to Dr. Philip as well, he made it easy for us a few weeks to the exam. Thank you, Dr. Livinus. My name is on the list because of you. I’m forever grateful to Acemedix.

Dr Chuks Dozie

No matter how brainy you are, if one doesn't have a little guide on how to go about approaching MDCN Licensing Exam, one will fall his/her hand. Acemedix did that for me, they gave me the "Blueprint" on how to tackle this task. With that blueprint, no matter what is thrown at you, you'll be able to adjust accordingly. Within the few months I've been with them, a lot was renovated within me in terms of knowledge. I'm grateful and thankful for the whole team at Acemedix.

Dr Deborah Nwaeke

It was my first time, first experience, I was a complete novice and I had my fears. Gratefully I was referred to Acemedix for tutorials and now I can confidently refer others too!
My favourite feature was the MOCK OSCE, it put a whole lot of things about the exam into perspective for me.
Thank you Acemedix for doing a fine job in preparing us for the MDCN exam.

Dr Isaac

Acemedix focused my reading and helped develop my confidence to the point that I wasn't nervous at all during the exam (afterwards, yes). We were definitely given more than what we needed to be honest. Thank you again

Dr Kelvin

Acemedix focused my reading and helped develop my confidence to the point that I wasn't nervous at all during the exam (afterwards, yes). We were definitely given more than what we needed to be honest. Thank you again

Dr Mimi

ACEMEDIX is not just a TUTORIAL, it’s a FAMILY that takes care of its own! I had no idea what to do about the MDCN exams and I won’t say things became easy when I initially joined Acemedix. But with the help of all the doctors, their patience and the several mock exams conducted before the main exams, I was able to develop a focused way of learning and I gained back my confidence! Thank you Acemedix for giving me multiple reasons to rejoice.

Dr Sabeeha Hussain

Story for another day, but I didn’t write my mdcn when i should have and had been at home too long. I had lost touch with medicine. I could not remember everything I studied for 7 years of my life. I tried to study on my own but i was drowning in the sheer volume and bulk of the reading materials. I will admit there was alot of crying around that time until a friend suggested i join a tutorial class to help me cover faster, and i might make a few friends to study with. Said friend now recommended ACEMEDIX for me. I called Dr Livinus and he gave me the address. I joined the 8week crash course 2 weeks late. I arrived lost, hopeless and demoralized.
ACEMEDIX bombarded me with info in such a palatable way from the first day. I kept going back. I made a few friends. Loved the classes, loved the tutors. Gradually my confidence started returning as i was learning more (and faster)
I made a study group with some ladies and studied on my own in my free time. Dr Livinus kept giving me pep talks and became a good friend along the way.
He was my first phone call when i saw my name on the pass list because i know i could not have done it without him.
ACEMEDIX goes above and beyond just tutorials. They are a support system, a family.
I am proud to be part of that family and will proudly recommend it to others. You will thank me later.

Dr. Subair Halimat Sadiya

I was referred to Acemedix by friends who registered and passed. I registered online at first because I was still in Ukraine and also I didn’t want to start late in Nigeria. The online classes were really good even though the only difference was physical examination.

I was the quiet one,wasn’t confident at the beginning,didn’t know how,what and where to study from. With the help of Acemedix,I could study smart like Dr Livinus says”MDCN is all about studying smart and not filling your brain with too much information”. We were provided with high yield topics,lectures and online videos that really helped me with my studying.

At a point while preparing for the Mdcn exam,I couldn’t regularly attend classes but with access to the google drive videos I could watch and catch up with every class I missed.This really helped me because I missed a lot of classes. When I got back to Nigeria, I was scared if i was actually going to make it for this exam because I wasn’t attending classes.The mocks we had helped me to see where I was lacking and needed to improve.

The Acemedix handbook was everything to me. Thank God I bought it and read it well because some of the stations on the Mdcn were familiar things I read in the handbook.
Thank you to Dr Livinus,Dr Ese(especially for always responding to my messages and helping out with what I needed),Dr Buky,Dr Seyi and Dr Mary.

Dr Victory Yusuf

We were still preparing for our final exams in Med school when our friends who already wrote MDCN called us and told us how intensively we would need to prepare for MDCN exam. They told us to start reading immediately, told us how you literally can’t have a life during preparations for the exam. I sing in the choir and someone even told me during the preparation I couldn’t join the choir or do anything else but read.
To be honest I wasn’t moved one bit, I felt I was going to be alright. I started tutorials at Acemedix and I saw all I had to learn afresh. I became afraid and I left the choir 😂.
Acemedix really prepared me rightly for this exam, all the measures they had in place were rightly timed to bring out the best and I’m super grateful that I chose Acemedix .
Yes I had to study extra and do more but I still had a life because there were structures put in place at Acemedix and I had my personal study time. I finally started going for choir practices again and I had a life. You just have to recognize what works for you and this was what worked for me. Dr Livi also talks about the importance of of prayer and believing in something and this really is very important.
We went for the exam, EVERYTHING literally worked in my favor from the CBT to the OSCE. While performing the abdominal exam, the examiner said “ Oya it’s okay ohhh, you sabi” 😂
I’m super grateful to Acemedix and I will recommend Acemedix anytime any day. Dr Livi ( as me and my friends like to call him) was more than just a tutor, he was a friend, a brother and you can literally see how much he wanted everyone to make it. The tutors at Acemedix were amazing. Thank you so much Dr Livi and Acemedix and God bless you greatly.

Dr. Akinjo Morolake

My first day at acemedix was quite interesting, I just returned from China a few days before. I walked in and saw a doctor taking the class. He looked quite young so I thought he was asked to explain something to the whole class but oh well, he explained till the end of the class lol. I thought to myself, this very difficult exam, why don’t we have a professor teaching us? Like he read my mind, he said this exam is not difficult, you need principles and acemedix will assist you with that.
Acemedix encouraged group reading and that was a very vital part of passing this exam. I’m glad I joined the ace team. All of the things I’ve learned, including clerking, counseling, physical examinations and tropical diseases didn’t just prepare me for MDCN but will be very useful for housejob and medical practice.

Dr. Ife Oluronbi

If you're looking for a place with structured focused and understanding centre d teaching, Acemedix is definitely the place with the ever diligent and patient doctors including Dr livinus who take their time to explain things to us even out of the class. The mock exams pushing you to do better. Initially i felt overwhelmed but Dr livinus was RIGHT they give you everything you need at Acemedix☺️....

Dr. Chukwu

Thank God for everything 🙏🏼.Acemedix is a family,they made the work easy with their friendly tutors who are always ready to guide and correct us.
To the new ones,with Prayers+ personal efforts,study group & hard work =success is urs.
Thank u so much Acemedix family!
God bless Acemedix family!

Dr. Ibrahim Aminu

To be honest....I had 0 to 10% confidence of passing mdcn before I joined Acemedix. After finishing Acemedix, I felt like I finished a medical school all over again in those 3 months. Thanks to all the doctors. I will forever be grateful to Acemedix 🙏🏾

Dr. Faith Ntor Tawo

Acemedix played a huge part in my success.The focused lessons,Lesson materials,competent teachers,Level of organization and friendly environment is totally applaudable.Acemedix helps you get it right the first time!

Dr. Nabila Aisha Mann-Isah

Medical knowledge is limitless and so preparing for an exam like the MDCN assessment may seem daunting. However, Acemedix was able to provide us with focused information for the exam which was truly what we needed. I am thankful to the entire Acemedix team for providing this platform for us. Cheers!

Dr. Miriam Okoroanyanwu

I began the tutorials ending of August 2019 when i came back home. I was already 15 classes late as the tutorials started earlier in July.Was actually contemplating if i should join or not cause i was already late.I reluctantly joined as there was no other option for me in Port harcourt. I was way behind my mates. They had already gone far with some clerking and counselling topics and were already so fluent with them. Then I thought to myself, 'Will I be able to meet up?' The 1st OSCE mock I did in AceMedix was like a nightmare cause it was just the 1st week I came. I didn’t understand what was going on,but was encouraged by one of the tutors who told me that I actually did well, being my first time. After the mock I pledged to myself to watch the revision videos for the missed classes so I can get my stand in class.Those videos really helped me a lot. I must say i was able to cover a lot of topics even without finishing the Guide. I kept praying and asking God for his grace as i already knew that the exam wasn’t about how much one knows.I kept on using Ace Medix materials and guidelines, didnt have time to go through other materials. I just read some relevant ones like Pediatrics in pics,Instruments and study groups. With the next OSCE mock,my confidence level came up a bit. I got better at my understanding of the exam,especially the time factor.I endeavored to finish all the revision videos so i didn’t miss relevant topics. I must tell you, one of the questions in the exam came from there(Ante-natal booking clerking). I also kept on practicing my physical exam as it was emphasized during the tutorial, that if we dont practice,it will leave us. Ace Medix played a huge role in my success as the classes were well structured to cover relevant aspects of the exam. ACE MEDIX is a sure choice to make, but remember your own effort is very much necessary. Thank you Ace Medix Family!

Dr. Lola

When I was about to start preparing for the MDCN exam, I didn’t know what to study, how to study and how to go about it. Then I was referred to Acemedix, and I’m glad I joined the tutorial. Acemedix study approach is straight to the point and FOCUSED!
Acemedix is a tutorial to reckon with!