2018 - 2019 Batch

Dr Rahamah

When I returned to Nigeria, all I was thinking of was how to go about the clerking, counselling, and physical examinations in the Nigerian way because I lacked confidence in those aspects. But after I registered with Acemedix, everything changed and I started to gain confidence. With Acemedix, you can ace MDCN. Thank you, the Acemedix family

Dr Ighodalo Emmanuel

Acemedix’s motto should be: ‘Work smart till you won’t have to introduce yourself.

Dr Hafsat Alhassan

It always seems impossible until it’s done

Dr Ugo Aniedu

Acemedix tutorial is the best tutorial that adequately prepares foreign-trained doctors to ace the MDCN assessment examination in one sitting. The dedication of Dr Livinus and other doctors at Acemedix is second to none. They monitor your progress and make sure you pass, just like I did. Register with Acemedix and be actively involved, and you’d be glad you did. Best wishes

Dr Sonia

Before I started the tutorials at Acemedix, I had massive doubts about passing the exams. I had only six weeks to prepare. I was only moving forward by faith. My tutors at Acemedix encouraged me and prepared me physically and mentally. To the glory of God, I have passed the exam. Thank you, Acemedix, for guiding me.

Dr Samson Dayo

I finished medical school over three years ago, and the MDCN journey seemed impossible as I’ve forgotten a lot, no thanks to the break I took after graduating. But y’all made the journey easier for me. Thank you, Dr Livinus, Dr Ngozi, Dr Asmau, Dr Bukky, Dr Mercy and Dr Ameera. Y’all are god-sent. Thank you so much.”

Dr Martins

Hello. I want to say deeply from my heart that I appreciate everything Acemedix did for me, not only because I passed these exams, but because I see myself as a better doctor before I enrolled at Acemedix. I will not forget in a hurry, and Acemedix will remain my favourite place. I appreciate everything. God bless you abundantly and the work of your hands. God bless you.

Dr Omoseki Leonard Obaseki

A friend who introduced me to Acemedix had only nice things to say about the tutorials. I thought he was exaggerating until I registered. In the famous words of Dr Livinus (CEO Acemedix), ‘I kid you not!’ The tutorial surpassed my imagination. It was like a family. I felt included, academically challenged to be the best candidate preparing for the exam. I had every information literally in the palm of my hand. Acemedix is the truth ♠️

Dr Abasiodiong Ekanem

I was referred to Acemedix by a friend and, truly, it was worth it. Dr Livinus and his team are phenomenal. Their commitment and passion towards imparting knowledge is second to none, and they made sure everyone was carried along. Here, our minds were equipped with the best approach to answering MDCN questions, whether MCQ or oral. I strongly recommend Acemedix, it’s the best place to be tutored for the MDCN exams.

Dr Sandra Ngwu

When I joined Acemedix in January, I didn’t know what to expect. I just heard about Dr Livinus on Telegram and decided to give it a shot. Best decision I ever made. I saw my shortcomings, my weak areas, and people who were ready to help me overcome them. They never let me slack or fall behind, and for that I am very grateful.

Thank you isn’t enough to say to Dr Livinus, Dr Ngozi, Dr Asmau, Dr Bukky, and Dr Ameera.

Dr Abimbola

I arrived about a month and two weeks before the MDCN exam. I was at a teaching hospital for tutorials where they told me I was too late and I will probably not have enough time to prepare for the exam. I then called some of my colleagues who told me to go to Acemedix. I was almost thinking of waiting till the next exam, but at Acemedix my fears were allayed. Dr Livinus’ tutorials were focused, so l knew where to concentrate. And apart from the tutorials, his constant encouragement gave me the drive not to give up. I appreciate you, Dr Livinus

Dr Mohammed

My bro, my bro! Nwanne m! Founder of Acemedix!

Joining Acemedix was one of the best decisions I made for this exam, not just for the MDCN exam, actually, but for practising tropical medicine. Each of your classes I attended was like a revelation. The questions I got doing ward rounds were what we just finished going through during the class sessions. So automatically – I don’t sound like foriegn-trained – so basically, Acemedix narrowed and directed me straight to what the exams looked like and what I needed to know. I say a very big thank you to Dr. Livinus and the whole Acemedix team. One love!

Dr Sadiq Ahmad Abdulqadir

What can I say about Acemedix? I joined late but I gained a lot. It is the best pre-MDCN tutorial programme thus far. With Acemedix, it ain’t about the money. They dedicate themselves to helping others pass their MDCN exams with ease. Even though it is a place of learning, there’s never a dull moment. They make learning fun and easy. At Acemedix you gain knowledge, confidence, friendship and, last but not the least, ‘a second family’. Thank you, Acemedix, for everything.

Dr Chidera

I joined Acemedix when I was confused and disorganized. It was already late and just a few weeks to the exam, but as soon as I joined, I felt more confident. Even after failing that first exam, I had no doubt that Acemedix was the right place to continue. So I enrolled again as soon as the next registration began, and with the help of Dr Livinus, Dr Ngozi, and the rest, I was more prepared and ready for the next exam.  I will always be grateful to Acemedix and will highly recommend the tutorials to anyone who is lost or looking for proper guidance on preparing for the exam.

Dr Hauwa Zubaira

My experience at Acemedix was nothing but amazing! I learnt a lot not only to pass my exams but also to feel a bit more prepared to face the hospital. The environment was welcoming and the doctors were all nice and helpful at all times. Dr Livinus was really kind and always willing to put us through. Thank you so much for all the encouraging words and for believing in us. Join Acemedix and get all the necessary knowledge and materials you need to ace the MDCN.????

Dr Mary Peter

I made up my mind to do the MDCN in March, but I had so many other things I was pursuing. I was referred to Acemedix by a friend. I decided to join the crash course that started in late March. Honestly, Dr. Livinus’ approach was amazing. The first thing I picked up from the classes was a statement that helped me immensely. He kept repeating: ‘MDCN is about studying smart!’ Thanks to God and his tutorship, I aced the exam in one sitting, although I studied for a very short period. Acemedix tutorial pointed me to the right things I should study and helped me cover a lot in a very short period of time. Thanks a million, Dr Livinus!

Dr R.J. Saleh

The failure rate in the MDCN exams was no news. My goal was to make it at my first attempt. What I liked the most was the interactive participation – no matter how shy you were, you must talk.

Dr Livinus and the entire Acemedix team helped me in achieving my goal. I’ll definitely recommend this tutorial to everyone looking to take the MDCN exams. Having a study group is important. Praying as though your life depends on your success in the exams is more important.”

Dr Fatima Nasir Sani

Joining Acemedix was one of the best decisions I made in the journey to my MDCN exams. First of all, the doctors were so down to earth and willing to share their knowledge. They made sure to carry everyone along. The tutorials focused on the exams – they covered every inch of what we needed to know to pass the exams. I also got to meet amazing people through Acemedix, which helped in the course of my preparations for the exams. In summary, it was money well-spent, and I’m sure that the knowledge I’ve gained will help me throughout my medical career.

Special accolades to Dr. Livinus, Dr. Asmir, Dr. Ngozie, Dr. Bukola, Dr. Ameerah and Dr. Mercy.”

Dr Blessing

My decision to sit for the MDCN exam was rather abrupt because I had no initial intention of writing the exam. I wasn't sure of where to begin with the preparations as there was a lot of overwhelming materials. Then I heard of Acemedix crash course, which I joined. The tutorials helped me focus on areas of relevance, and the preparations were quite intensive. All the tutors  were very committed and genuinely concerned about us all. I'm glad I made the decision to be a part of the Acemedix family as it played a huge role in helping me get ready and to ultimately pass the exam.

Dr Oluwaseyifunmi Onabolu

I am so grateful to Dr Livinus and his team at Acemedix. This exam has really been a tough journey, but Acemedix helped make it easier. They definitely taught in the best ways with our best interests in mind. The tutorials were very rigorous and focused. Everyone in the team definitely knows the in and out of the MDCN exam. I personally benefitted most from the numerous mock exams we did and the one-on-one nature of the classes. It was very easy to reach out to the tutors involved to help with my weak points. And also, the study groups I was involved with created the perfect study environment to motivate me. If you're planning on writing the MDCN exam, I can't recommend Acemedix enough.

Dr Sharifah

When I started my Acemedix journey, I had zero confidence about passing the MDCN exams. My clerking and counselling were below par. I was terrible at x-rays and instruments. Less than one month later, I was clerking new topics on my own.

My favourite part of the tutorial was how they treated us like colleagues. We were one big family and they were committed to seeing us all succeed. I’m glad I was part of this family. Thank you Dr Livinus, Dr Ngozi, Dr Asma’u, Dr Bukola, Dr Esther and Dr Amira.

Dr Collins

This was my very first time enrolling for a tutorial class to sit for the MDCN exam, and I chose Acemedix because two doctors who passed the previous time recommended it to me on different occasions. Only necessary (no cumbersome) lectures; lessons were precise and focused. The groups we formed helped tremendously! The doctors who taught us were very approachable and empathetic. The main thing I noticed was how the tutorials profoundly helped my clerking (history taking), counselling, physical examination and, most importantly, my confidence.

All in all, I'd rate Acemedix 89.53% because in Nigeria, like they say, 100% is for God.????

Dr Busayo Odunayo

I thank God I made the decision to join Acemedix. It takes only the grace of God to pass this exam ????.

Acemedix is exam-focused; the high yield topics given were really helpful. It’s very important to study smart and not just everything you see flying everywhere.

Dr Livinus and all the other doctors tutoring at Acemedix  were focused and determined to help with the success of everyone attending the tutorial. They were available any day, any time????.

Dr Fatunwase Adegoke

I came back to Nigeria quite uncertain on how to go about the MDCN exam. Then I visited the MDCN page on Telegram, saw Acemedix and decided to enroll with them, and that was the best decision I made for the exams.

The classes were tough, but streamlined towards the exam. I can’t emphasize this enough – it was streamlined, from MCQ to OSCE.

Great thanks to Dr Livinus and his team. Not only the tutorials, he’s easily accessible too.

I strongly recommend!

Dr Hadiza Aminu

Hello, I am Hadiza Aminu, a successful 2019 MDCN candidate, thanks to the Acemedix tutorials. I joined Acemedix to pass the MDCN, like everyone else, but I gained much more. I got a family, the Acemedix family. I learned patience and, more importantly, confidence, which played a crucial part in my passing the exams. The doctors in Acemedix were like friends to us. We goofed around and learned from one another. We understood each other because we were going through the same fears and worries. I opted for the online group, which was just as helpful as the offline group; I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all. Thank you once again to all the doctors and the candidates. It was a rewarding journey and I recommend future candidates to join, if not for the knowledge then for the feeling of togetherness. It really helps.”

Dr Ahmed Oluwaseun

Coming back to Nigeria two years ago, I had no guidemap on how to approach the MDCN exam. I went to teaching hospitals and other tutorials where we were pumped with knowledge but no direction on how to approach the questions, until my friend invited me to Abuja to attend Acemedix.

With a peaceful environment to gain knowledge and learn with friends, my insight into answering MDCN questions changed. I learned how to ask specific questions in orderly fashion for clerking and counselling, how to show empathy and streamline information to what I need. The host of doctors at Acemedix made it so: Dr Bukola, Dr Ngozi, Dr Livinus, and Dr Asime. I thank God for bringing you guys into our lives.

Dr Kingsley Ogbeiwi

I bless the day I joined Acemedix.

Getting to this point in my life hasn’t been an easy journey. Before joining Acemedix, I wrote the MDCN exam several times. I was at my lowest when I decided to give the exam one more shot by joining a good and reputable tutorial firm.

I decided to join Acemedix because I saw so many positive reviews from their successful candidates. Plus, they weren’t aggressive with their advertisement, meaning that their works spoke for them. I spent five intensive months preparing for the exam. The Acemedix team were beyond amazing, making the prep process easier by giving pinpoint mode of study. They are very professional and patient with people, continuously encouraging and grooming them. I thank God for using Dr Livinus to bless me because people who know me, know that my getting here wasn’t easy.

Dr Risun

Dr Livinus has always been a very intelligent individual and an exceptional teacher right from our days in university. He did a lot of informal teaching and tutorials in school, and the very fascinating thing about his teaching was the fact that every single thing he taught me stuck and I never forgot it.

So naturally when I decided to take the MDCN exam, I chose Acemedix. I came two and a half months late, and I was quite anxious. But Dr Livinus spoke with me and assured me that he would help me in every way. He kept his promise and I had enough confidence to study and take the exam. The team of doctors in Acemedix focused on every individual who wanted and needed help.

Acemedix is more than a tutorial, it’s a family that has time for every member.

Thank you very much, Dr Livinus and the Acemedix team.

Dr Dee

I want to use this opportunity to thank Acemedix for their organization during the MDCN tutorials: the amazing website were I practised MCQ and picture questions, the classes were some of the conversations in the high yield topics came out during the CBT.

The OSCE was a walkover because most of what came out had been discussed during the classes.

I had an amazing time studying with my fellow doctors. Before I forget, alongside the strong study group I had during the programme, all my mates at the Acemedix tutorials passed.

It was a great time and a wonderful experience. I am happy to be one of the Acemedix family during this programme. Thank you.

Dr Favor

I wrote the exam for the first time and passed because God, through Dr Livinus, directed us on how to adequately prepare for this examination. Of course, I’d never trade the place of God’s grace and favour with anything as that is really the backbone of everything I do in my life.

Dr Livinus made everyone comfortable and very welcome. He helped us study smart, not studying things that were not necessary. We studied a variety of topics daily (minimum of seven topics).

Truly, Acemedix is focused on getting you to improve your skills and confidence to approach the exams, as no matter how much you know, if you have zero confidence, then you have a problem.

Thank you to Dr Livi Livi and his team for their help!

I’d definitely recommend Acedemix a hundred times and over.

Dr Chioma Okorocha

I didn’t want to write this exam. I was afraid that I was going to fail. I’d failed an exam before and it took a really long time for me to get over it.

But then I started Acemedix. I was unserious at first until I sat for one of the mock exams set by Acemedix. I didn’t do well and I was devastated. But that was the turning point for me; it made me sit up. Lol!

Acemedix is a family. They were not just interested in my money, they really cared. They wanted to see each and every one of us ‘Ace’ the exam.

And I loved that they had a plan. How we carefully touched every area of medicine was amazing.

Thank you, Acemedix. Thank you, Dr Livinus, and every other doctor that was involved in my success. God bless you.

Dr Gospel

Thank you very much, Dr Livinus, for your guidance and tutorship that provided an optimum platform for us to scale through the exams. I learned a lot beyond just the academics, studied with some of the most wonderful people, and proudly recommend Acemedix for anyone who wants to prepare for the licensing exams.

We first spoke when I was in Ukraine, Dr Livinus and I. But at the last minute I changed my mind after I returned to Nigeria and registered with another tutorials firm. But I didn't feel as confident as I would feel when I began to study at Acemedix. I was much more confident of passing at Acemedix. I had a sense that we had covered every possible angle that the exams could come from so I wasn't afraid.

Although MDCN tried to surprise us, but God surpassed them????

Dr Nifemi

I’m grateful to Acemedix because they made my preparations for the MDCN exams simplified and focused. I remember when Dr Livinus said it’s more about working smart; that was how it felt for me. I won’t lie about burning all the midnight candles there was to burn or stressing myself that much, but I covered all the important areas for the exams and mastered them to the best of my ability.  Still, I had time for my life, fun and sleep (lol), and with God’s grace I passed. Acemedix tutorials taught high yield topics for MCQ, picture test and OSCE, and made them all easy to learn and understand.

Much thanks to Dr Bukola, Dr Asmie, Dr Ngozi, and Dr Ameera. Special thanks to Dr Livinus for always putting me on the spot and making me a clerk in front of everyone????. You not only boosted our knowledge and skills, but confidence. Thanks for your encouragement and support. God  bless you ????.”

Dr Akum

Words can’t express my gratitude to the Acemedix team and, especially, to Dr Livinus for taking a personal interest in each person. I literally had no clue whatsoever starting out. But Dr Livinus taught us the methodology and specifics of the MDCN examination. The information is streamlined and intelligently curated in several classes to equip you with everything you need to soar, but arriving there fully depends on you. You need to participate, study tirelessly, although smarter rather than harder, with constant reinforcements.

No appreciation of Acemedix from me would be complete without mentioning my study group, strangers linked by our belief in Dr Livinus, with one goal, and we made it.

Thank you, Acemedix, for not being profit-oriented because the fees equal nothing in comparison to the value added. Your sole interest was our performance. Dr Livinus, you taught me, believed in me, gave me courage, and I conquered. Thank you.”

Dr Hafsat Mijinyawa

Honestly, Acemedix contributed a lot to my success story. I was supposed to write the MDCN exams in November 2018, but something happened and I couldn’t write it.

So I started Acemedix in January, and after the first five classes, when I’ve had a feel of what the exam entailed and how it was going to be, I knew that I lacked in so many areas in my November preparations. But Alhamdulillah, with Acemedix, I got used to the exam format, formed study groups, and made friends, since we were all going through the same struggle, and having people around going through the same struggle made it less of a struggle.

I will like to thank Dr Livinus for all his encouraging words and all his teaching. Also, I love how he made an effort to know almost all 300 of us by our names. He made us feel like one big Acemedix family. Believe me, Acemedix is the tutorial you would want to join! Join now and thank me later????.”

Dr Alli Taiwo

I don't know where to start from. Acemedix has really helped me.

On the OSCE day, my confidence level was on top, thanks to the mock sessions we did. For me, I think Acemedix mock sessions were even stricter, because my invigilators in the actual exams were so friendly. In my counselling session, the two invigilators told me ‘very good,’ then I was 100% convinced I will make it. In my clerking session, the man was wowed and he marked everything good for me. In fact, all the sessions for me were so good. I had extra time left in all; thanks for helping me with my time. The hostel was on point.

Acemedix has helped me boost my confident level a lot. I’m the shy type, but trust me I can  face a crowd of thousands now.

I have cried – you need to see my parents hugging each other, it’s been long I saw that????. Thanks so much, Dr Livinus. May God continue to bless you. You are so amazing. God bless you, Dr Livinus.

Dr Pima

When I failed, it looked like my whole world was crumbling because I never experienced what failure was like before. But then came the news about Acemedix via a friend. I thought it was just like other tutorials, but on starting, I felt the difference. Interactive, educative, explanatory, and focused on the MDCN. Though it requires hard work, too, from you as a person sitting for the exam, which Dr Livinus always emphasized by strongly advising for and explaining the benefits of group studies where we interacted on our own by repeating clerking, counselling and levels of prevention, and many more.

I will say a big thank you to God almighty first and to Acemedix and its doctors, and always keep them in my prayers. With this, I strongly advise any doctor coming to Nigeria to write the Medical and Dental Commission assessment examination to ‘follow who sabi road’, which is Acemedix!”

Dr I.E. Udoidiok

To say this tutorial was of great help is an understatement. This was more than a tutorial, it was a family. The undivided attention, the concern, the love and, most of all, the hard work!

The Acemedix team is one that constantly puts you on your toes, challenges you to study harder, and tests you frequently. I got to learn a lot and, of course, I learnt to study smart. The doctors were of immense help, making sure no one was left behind in the learning process.

This tutorial was/is MDCN-focused. Lots of tips on how to approach questions, and with the constant practice and interactions, it builds up your confidence!

I have absolutely no regrets joining this tutorial. I am grateful to every one of the doctors and especially the founder, Dr Livinus, for all of their sacrifice. Honestly, we got way more than our money’s worth. God bless every one of you.

I totally recommend this tutorial for anyone who is planning to attempt the MDCN assessment exams. Thank me later ????

Acemedix, I Stan ????

Dr Gloria

I was torn between signing up for hospital practice in one of the teaching hospitals and going for tutorials. In the end, I saw the need for a focused preparation and decided that tutorials were better off. Then came the dilemma of which tutorials to attend, and a friend who had been to one other and had to change to Acemedix advised me to sign up. So I came to Abuja and did as advised and I hold no regret.

Dr Livinus is an amazing teacher. His methodology and patience crowns it all, and I could see it wasn’t just about the money, he wanted us all to pass. The other members of the team gave their best, too, I mean their very best. A big thank you to all!

Much more than paying for tutorials, it’s important to follow through spirit,soul and body, as you can’t be fed mouth-to-mouth. The place of personal study, group study for counselling,clerking, and physical examination, and trusting God with every fibre of your being can never be overemphasized.

Thank you, Acemedix, for this platform. God’s blessings and reward

Dr Toyosi

I failed the MDCN exam on my first attempt. I was sure I did everything humanly possible. I attended supposedly good tutorials, went to NHA for rounds, read till I was going to drop, and I still failed. I fell into depression.

Then I came to Acemedix and I knew immediately I was at the right place. The difference was clear. Everything was exam-focused. Unlike how I sat for long monotonous lectures at my previous tutorials and NHA, I was actually prepared specifically towards the MDCN exam. Clerking, counselling, physical examinations, MCQ and OSCE lessons were prepared and taught with the exam in mind.

I also had the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals with whom I formed a study group and practised everything we were taught.

I'm happy to say now that I'm looking forward to my induction, thanks to Acemedix.

Acemedix is the place to be. You can't go wrong with Acemedix.