2017 - 2018 Batch

Dr. Pearl

I joined Dr Livinus’s tutorials after I saw a call for interested persons. I was happy to share my ideas and learn from other smart, hardworking and intelligent doctors trained all over the world. The times spent there was worth it as I succeeded in scaling through the licensing exam.

Dr. Ese

Dr. Livinus is really patient, he makes sure everyone participates so no one is left behind. His explanations are concrete and easy to understand. The classroom is comfortable and the mock exam really helps in getting you prepared. I learnt a lot from him. Best tutorial in Abuja. You can’t study with Dr. Livinus and fail.

Dr. Amber

“My experience at Acemedix has sincerely been nothing short of awesome. The study environment was quite enhancing and Dr. Livinus’s unique approach to tutorship is not only individually tailored but distinctive in mode of delivery. I’m glad our incredulously high success rate attest to the efficacy of his MDCN antidote. Go Acemedix!

Dr. Asmau Ribadu

Thank you very much for all the effort you’ve put to make sure we excel in this exam and I’m glad we all did. At this tutorial, I’ve not only gained knowledge but I’ve also made lifelong relationships. Dr. Livinus was not just my tutor, he was like family. Thank you so much for seeing the best in us and believing in us even at our worst. I’m really grateful.

Dr. Anita

God knows why I’ve been quiet all this while because I felt I had disappointed you but God has put a smile on our faces. Dr. Livinus I am very grateful for everything. I pray God blesses the works of your hands. I will recommend as many people as possible to join Acemedix tutorial. You are Godsend.

Dr. Raliat

I’m truly grateful for the experience at Acemedix tutorials. You created a platform which was a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to me. Your belief and confidence in us were truly amazing. I pray that my other colleagues out there who will join you next time will be able to make good use of this platform. Thank you so much Doctor.

Dr. Rhoda

The last MDCN exam was particularly easy for me because I’ve learned the tricks. I now understand how they set the exam, the dos and don’ts, all thanks to the tutorials we had with Dr. Livinus. He gave his 100% to the tutorials and I’m really grateful to him. He knows how to go about setting the mock exam and completely understands how MDCN works.

Dr. Edmond

I highly recommend Acemedix to anyone about to write the MDCN exam. Dr Livinus is a past examinee, so be assured whatever you are getting is high-yield and exam-focused which is what most of us need to pass the exam. He is a very good guide and support system to any and every one. He finds time to attend to every need and strengthens your weakness.  Again, Acemedix is highly recommended.

Dr. Halley

Thank you so much Dr. Livinus for the tutorial. The 40 lessons really helped me, especially the picture test, the mock exams and OSCE.  In total I can actually say you taught us 98% of what came out in the MDCN exams. May God bless you for your efforts, your time, and encouragement. The time spent in your tutorials was totally worth it. I can boldly say God + Acemedix tutorials = induction

Dr. Godstime

Doctor your tutorial has been a real Godsend. Very sound and precise. Your interactive methods of teaching, the support and encouragement you give to everyone individually, I don’t think it’s obtainable anywhere else. And I love the confidence you instilled in us. I’ll be recommending Acemedix tutorial to many of my friends who will be taking the MDCN exam. With Acemedix success is guaranteed.

Dr. T.K

Acemedix was not just a tutorial but a family. A family that prays together wins together, that was what motivated us. Success is already assured once you walk through the doors of Acemedix. I am pleased by the efforts put in towards excellence, it was not about personal gains or achievement but purely driven by love, the need to see others succeed and togetherness. THANK YOU FOR THE COMMITMENT.

Dr. Ibilolia

Acemedix tutorial was more of a family to me. I had both a great time and acquired immense knowledge in the course of the tutorial. Dr. Livinus was very patient and tactful in sharing knowledge and the tutorial was exam focused and precise. The learning experience was second to none, his passion to impact knowledge and see us do well was captivating. He really was invested in our success on a personal level. Acemedix tutorial is the place to be!

Dr. Sanni

Doctor Livinus is a tutor that is doggedly dedicated to the success of his students. I was privileged to be under his precise guidance at his lesson for a period of 4months. Although I took a month break, I was still able to recover and sit for my exams (The MDCN) and pass the exams. I am indeed grateful for the teachings and accurate predictions, that aided the excellence in the exams. I recommend his tutorials to anyone who wishes to sit for the MDCN.

Dr. Dapo

Preparing for the MDCN exam at the academic centre for excellence (Acemedix) tutorials was for me the best decision. Our tutor Dr. Livinus was very insightful and knowledgeable about the mindset the examiners have when setting the questions and this provided a focused and well-thought-out tutorial plan for us. I learnt what to expect and what is expected of me as a candidate and this boosted my confidence going into the exam. I recommend this tutorial for everyone planning to write the exam.

Dr. Busayo

Dr. Livinus, I want to thank you for all that you did for me in these past few months. Thank you for encouraging me and preparing me for this examination. I also want to thank you for being patient and having a good relationship with everyone in your tutorial including myself. I’m so glad that my name appeared on the pass list. Thank you for being a part of my success in this Exam. Thank you and Thank you. I’d also encourage other people who are looking forward to writing the MDCN exam to contact you.

Dr. Daramola

Acemedix was a great help for me in preparation for my MDCN examination. I was able to cover a lot in a short time with the standard Dr Livinus adopted for the tutorials. I really encourage aspiring doctors who wish to sit for the MDCN exam to please listen and participate in what goes on in the tutorials. He built my confidence and gave encouraging words as food for the mind. His commitment really helped me in preparing for the exam. Above all, though, prayer remains the key to success. Don’t forget to pray.

Dr. Dola

I joined Acemedix not knowing what to expect, worried about the exams and everything I had heard about the exams. But the atmosphere in Acemedix and the wonderful leader, Dr. Livinus, silenced those fears and made me believe in myself and prepared me adequately for the exam. Dr. Livinus is an amazing tutor and person. He'll prepare you all round for the exam. He has the patience, skill and knowledge to adequately prepare you for the exams! I testify because I passed through Acemedix ace ACED my MDCN exam! Join the winning team! Join Acemedix today!

Dr. Jennifer

I will forever be grateful to Dr Livinus. The tutorials helped me a lot. As a fresh medical graduate, the tutorials helped me streamline my reading and also to understand how things are done here in Nigeria. It wasn’t just filled with boring lectures, he incorporated everything that was necessary for the exam in a way that was easily assimilated by the students. It was a really friendly environment and Dr Livinus is a great teacher. I like that he genuinely cares for each student and follows their progress. I will recommend him to everyone who wants to pass this exam.

Dr. Obi

I came back two months to the MDCN exam which was on 18th -20th April 2018. I was very discouraged because no tutorials were organized by MDCN. Then I enrolled in Dr. Livinus’ tutorial classes and my story changed. He has a great teaching style—he accesses information from different sources and simplifies them, making difficult concepts easy to understand. He was clear and concise. His enthusiasm and humour made the lectures enjoyable and fun. I loved his dedication. Any doctor taking the MDCN exam should enroll in this tutorial. Highly recommended!

Dr. Ela

I arrived Nigeria late August, without having any clue on how to prepare for the MDCN exam, was referred to ACE medical tutorials (owned by Doctor Livinus) by a friend. And I can say my experience with Doctor Livinus was an amazing one. He not only put me through for the exam but also gave me all the support I needed. His selflessness and dedication to teaching each and every one of us was really commendable. Never joke with his classes, always copy your notes, pay attention to his teachings and do any assignment given. In all I would say, God + doctor Livinus + MDCN = Induction.

Dr. Farida

I'm really grateful for Acemedix tutorials; it is intensive, focused and thorough. Dr. Livinus is really passionate about what he does and has a way of creating a friendly learning environment for everyone. No matter how shy or introverted you are, he'd make you feel comfortable and at home so you can be yourself. He helped me come out of my shell and gain the confidence I needed especially for the OSCE aspect of the exam. I would recommend his tutorials to everyone who cares to listen, lol. Seriously though, if you want to confidently write your exams and pass, then Acemedix is the place to be.

Dr. Ronnie

When I started Acemedix tutorials I didn’t know squat about picture tests but with his tutorials I didn’t have to cram picture tests—which was my game plan. It got so easy for me that I could not only identify pictures easily, but I could also say a few things about a picture even before reading the question! He also gave us a good foundation on clerking that even without reading a topic you’d be able to clerk at least 70% on your worse day. Now just imagine what you’d do on your best day. His tutorials were really exam focused and no hospital would prepare you as much for this exam. So, I’d definitely recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Jesse

Dr Livinus, I know that words alone won't let you know the depth of my appreciation for you. But I want you to know I appreciate you. My guys and I appreciate you.

You believed in us even when we didn't believe in ourselves. Thank you very much for your sacrifice and effort. I'm happy that we were able to make you proud! You deserve every success that is coming your way. We'll show our appreciation by referring people – so brace up. You're going to be overwhelmed! God bless you Livinus!

Dr. Oyiza

AceMedix tutorial is certainly not your regular tutorial. Grateful I opted for this particular one amidst others. Dr Livinus had a way of putting us through all the basics in a very SMART way. His patience level is second to none as he takes his time to make sure everyone was on the same page; the side jokes made the information stick better

Couldn’t imagine we’ll cover that much within the space of time we had. The learning environment was very much conducive.

If you feel studying for the MDCN exam is hectic, you don’t have a clue as to what the exam entails, yet you want to give it a single shot then AceMedix should be your next point of contact

Dr. Omotolani

First, I will appreciate God for making me take the best decision of a lifetime—which is joining Acemedix. At first, I was really skeptical about the tutorial. It took me a lot of thinking before I finally joined; and the reason I joined was that it was the cheapest???? (what do I have to lose?). But after joining Acemedix, I never regretted it for once. Doctor Livinus was patient, willing to teach, passionate and motivated. His tutorial helped me narrow down what to study and avoid all the MDCN jargons. It was really exam-focused. Difficult concepts were made digestible and Dr. Livinus carried everyone along, boosting our confidence level ????. The environment was friendly. He never for one day forgot to tell us to pray????. I will one million and one times recommend Acemedix to anyone who wishes to ace MDCN without so much stress. But that doesn't mean you will not read o.

Dr. Eture

Hola. I am Dr. Eture and I highly recommend Acemedix tutorials (taught by Dr. Livinus) to anyone who seeks to write the MDCN exam and hopes to pass at the first attempt.

At first, I was hesitant when a friend suggested I attend the tutorial. I was like “it’s not for me ‘cause I usually study alone (lone reader????). I basically taught myself throughout med school, teachers did only 10%. That’s why I wasn't feeling it. But later on (after I joined the tutorial), I found out like “wow!” there are stuff that I don't know o and I have never heard of in my life. His tutorials really boosted my knowledge.

Let's forget about MDCN for a moment, he also encouraged us and gave us that moral support we couldn’t get from our other support systems alone.

Please be wise and don't say, “after all people have passed without tutorials.” No knowledge is lost. Acemedix tutorials will help you achieve your goals faster☺️.

Dr. Udodi

“First of all, I have to say that this tutorial was far more valuable than I expected.  What we paid was peanuts compared to the degree of dedication and work that Dr Livinus put in. Our classes were well-planned (3 times a week), with an online arrangement for people who couldn't attend live classes. Every week, we had high-yield OSCES, MCQS and clerking, counselling and physical examinations practice, distributed into the 3 days of live classes. High-yield topics were well-dissected during corrections of these practice sessions. Lectures were also given occasionally, but the emphasis was on mastering the MDCN format (MCQS, OSCE stations, clerking, counselling and physical examinations). Mock exams were held in accordance with the MDCN format.

Dr Livinus was available round the clock for our questions, in and outside the classroom. His technique was so good that some friends who attended other were always excited about getting his OSCE materials. Honestly, we got the best value for our money. It was obviously not a profit-oriented exercise. Thank you once again Dr Livinus

Dr. Ameera

Learning from Dr Livinus was a rescue for me. I had lots of difficulties. I was very weak with my MCQs, he took his time to walk me through all of it. After the classes I would still message or call and he’d attend to the areas of concern. Before the tutorials ended, I had improved remarkably not only in my MCQs, but my clerking, counseling and examinations were also top notch. One of the most important aspects for me is his constant encouragement, he made me believe in myself even when I thought I knew very little. I learnt to overcome my fear in standing in front of everyone and clerk or counsel or perform an examination.

On the last Saturday before the MDCN examination, I looked around the tutorial class and I could see confidence radiating from all of us, yes all of us. The difference between when we started and where we were was clear. The tutorials had transformed us from anxious candidates to confident professionals. I can never forget you Dr Livinus. You made these tutorials not only a teaching within the class but also outside the class. We would pray and learn. And this is just the beginning for us. Thank you once again ❤

Dr. Nene Lamira

This tutorial was amazing. Excellent. I stepped out of the exam on the second day and I was grateful for the tutorial. Every paper I picked, every question I saw had been taught by Dr Livi Livi. He kept saying: “read the basic things”; I never listened. I wish I did. I wouldn’t have stressed myself as much, because when I saw my questions they were as basic as the word. Livinus is not just a teacher, he’s a friend. He helped us sort out accommodation issues and always had ENCOURAGING WORDS. At some point I didn’t believe in myself or what I could do and he made it his duty to keep reminding me.

Despite the fact that I stressed him so much, he was always willing to answer every question I had and pause when anyone wasn’t understanding. Lmao! I was a pain in the ass honestly, but he’s a patient teacher, willing to learn from you and discover with you.

I am grateful I paid for his tutorial. I know everyone always adds “and pray” to their speech, but honestly? I wasn’t praying. My parents were. So, I’m sure that helped.

Thank you, Dr. Livinus, you probably will never understand what you did for many of us. God bless you.

Dr. Ngozi

ACEMEDIX is probably the most affordable tutorial for MDCN exam preparation you are likely to find. While many individuals, companies and teaching hospitals are looking to siphon money from you because you have no clue how to prepare for the exam, ACEMEDIX takes into consideration the financial status of every candidate and gives an affordable price.” – Dr. Ngozi

“I started Dr. Livinus’ tutorials (ACEMEDIX) on 25th August, 2018 and by this time they were already on lesson 18 of 40. I was extremely nervous, because I joined based on hearsay and the affordability of the tutorials, so I did not know what to expect. However, I can boldly say I made the right decision to join this tutorial. The first thing I picked up about the tutor Dr. Livinus is that he calls you by name from Day 1. The mere fact that Dr. Livinus makes you feel welcome by remembering your name from the first day helps one in settling in very quickly. Second, Dr. Livinus’ classes are easy going and relaxed: the classroom atmosphere is conducive for learning, asking questions and discussions. The 3 hours of tutorials goes by fast when one is focused on learning. Thirdly, Dr. Livinus uses real life examples to make concepts clear. Though young in medical practice, Dr. Livinus has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to share, and this helps when you are reviewing your notes because the information becomes easier to retain.

At each tutorial, there is something different to learn. I came in believing the myths that it is often difficult to pass the MDCN assessment exam in one sitting, but by the second week of taking tutorials with ACEMEDIX, I was confident that I would in my first attempt (by God’s grace too, of course). ACEMEDIX tutorials is a focused tutorial that teaches one the high yield topics for picture tests, OSCE and MCQs. This tutorial is not your medical school! So there is no spoon feeding and you need to put in work as well when it comes to reviewing the lesson notes and practicing OSCE. You need background knowledge, which you definitely would have garnered from your years in medical school, but even if you are struggling, Dr. LIvinus takes his time to break down the information, so that it is easier to comprehend. Another aspect of the tutorial, which I liked was that the OSCE practice are hands-on. Classmates volunteer to simulate patients during physical exam and each lesson of MCQ, OSCE, or picture test is timed so that you learn to pace yourself on exam day (everyone struggles with timing on exam, so this aspect is very important).

At ACEMEDIX, you also get to make new friends because of how friendly the tutor is. I came in knowing only one person, but with the way the tutorials were organized to boost interaction, I made up to 5 new friends. And this aspect is key because medicine is not a one-man show but one of team work and solidarity, so having those few people you can lean on or learn something from in the field as you grow is important. Lastly, ACEMEDIX is probably the most affordable tutorial for MDCN exam preparation you are likely to find. While many individuals, companies and teaching hospitals are looking to siphon money from you because you have no clue how to prepare for the exam, ACEMEDIX takes into consideration the financial status of every candidate and gives an affordable price. So, if you are an IJGB (I Just Got Back) like me trying to find your footing easily in Nigeria and aiming to pass the MDCN exam with less stress, head to ACEMEDIX tutorials. Thank me later J”