2020 - 2021Batch

Dr. Abubakar

“When we landed in Nigeria on the 10th of October 2020, nine days to the deadline of MDCN registration, a brother, Dr. Abdullahi insisted that I, together with my two other friends, join Acemedix

Dr. Nafisat

“I remember how sad I felt at my first attempt and I didn’t pass. I already gave up and then I got a message from Dr. Livinus one morning. We identified my lapses and he urged me not to give 

Dr. Hackinson

“A friend of mine recommended Acemedix to me when I came back to Nigeria. Acemedix prepared me adequately not just for the OSCE but they made the CBT/picture test easy. Thank you so 

Dr. Sandra

“Wow! I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Acemedix and the tutors. I had only about two months to prepare from this exam. I went from having little to no confidence to clerking and..

Dr. Zainab

“Grateful to all the doctors on this page for being a guide and help through this journey.
And to the wonderful ACEMEDIX FAMILY! @drdozie, thank you so much. It was more than a 

Dr. Asmau Uthman

“Where do I start from? Well, two months ago, I was in school and sent you (Dr. Livinus) a message asking whether to write the exams or not. And you encouraged me to give it a try. I was so scared

Dr. Boma Faith Oforibika

“Acemedix Academy Family is the best place to be. You made me build so much confidence and I really learnt new things. Highly recommended if you want to ACE the MDCN Exam.”

Dr. Aminu

“Permit me to start this by thanking the ACEMEDIX team. I thank God for directing me to them. Dr. Livinus, I can’t thank you enough and will never forget what you have done for me from

Dr. Hameed Olumayowa

“I joined Acemedix in February 2020, and it became clear that it is very possible to pass this exam in one sitting. From the attention to the mentoring to the care...trust me, Acemedix is the

Dr. Nep C. Nansad

“Thank God for leading me to Acemedix. It was an amazing experience and one I won’t be quick to forget. A big thank you to Dr. Livinus and every other Acemedix tutors for equipping me

Dr. Uche Emmanuella

“Thank you sooo much. Dr. Dozie for all the sacrifice you made 🙏🙏. It’s not because of the money we paid for tutoring but you have a loving heart, a heart of service, a heart that wanted to.

Dr.Yusuf Sekinat

“I owe everything to Acemedix 🤩. The tutorial was 100%. I started the tutorial a month before the exam and yet I passed. Thank you Acemedix for boosting my confidence with 

Dr. Isiguzo

“To be frank, coming back to Nigeria with the exam in mind was scary. I had barely two months to learn clerking, counseling and to relearn some topics. I didn’t know where to begin. I really felt I

Dr. Hauwa Nayaya

“I’m soo happy and grateful. Words can’t explain how excited and happy I am right now. When I joined the tutorials, I wasn’t sure if I would be ready before the exams but with time and all the 

Dr. Sulaiman Muzammil Yaqub

“Each one of us studied medicine, but rarely does anyone have the confidence and know the direction to take in preparing appropriately for the exam.

Dr. Anita Godwin

“I had to write my exams in a short period of time without substantial preparation and was at a loss for a way to make up for this. Acemedix was recommended to me as the perfect preparatory

Dr. Ifeoma Olisa

“I came back from Russia, I didn’t study in English, so I felt really lost. My friend encouraged me to register with Acemedix, I reluctantly did because I felt I had no hope since I arrived Nigeria in the 

Dr. Mama Malachy

“Before I started lessons with Acemedix, I didn't believe I could pass this exam. But as the lessons started, things changed. I started picturing myself passing the exam. And when the examination

Dr. Adeogun Omolola

“I started this tutorial ending of September. Before I started, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the exam, I wasn’t sure I could prepare within that short time, knowing fully well I had lots of things to cover, I

Dr. Desmond

“I'm grateful to God for the success of my exam. Thanks to Acemedix whose structure impacted on me not just knowledge but confidence as well. I ACED my exam in one sitting with Acemedix. 

Dr. Joy Ekele

“I am not saying this just because I passed but to be honest, the things Acemedix has thought me in the last two months, I didn’t learn half of it even in my six years of medical school. You took our exam

Dr. Nwonu Confidence Chinemerem

“I began my MDCN Journey with mixed feelings due to the short time (less than 4 weeks) I had to prepare for the exams. A friend referred me to Acemedix and my first contact with the Acemedix

Dr. Cherry Osigwe

“Hello Doc🤗 I just want to appreciate you for being the first person to build up my confidence to sit for the MDCN exam. You made me understand a whole lot, made me feel it’s very


Dr. Halima

“I came back to Nigeria and was clueless; to say I was blank will be more appropriate. I asked a friend and she suggested Acemedix. I called Dr. Livinus and he told me not to worry.

Dr. Tolulope Oluleye

“Thank you so so so much, Dr. Dozie. Thank you too much, Dr. Zoe. Thank you, Dr. Debby. Thank you, Dr. Saleemat. Thank you, Dr. Bukky. 600 years of thank you @meerah_yaks. Dr. Chichi, I will

Dr. Evangeline

“It still feels surreal because I keep checking the pass list for my name and pinching myself just to make sure it’s not a dream. Yes, it’s real and I made it in my FIRST ATTEMPT!!!

Dr. Adenike

“I joined the Acemedix Academy because I saw reviews from other doctors on their stories and I must say I did not regret any bit of it. At first, I didn't understand what was going on because the

Dr. Nnenne Omeje

“First of all, I want to thank God for His Grace. I also want to thank Dr. Livinus and the Acemedix family (team). You guys are awesome. The Acemedix family was there with us through every

Dr. Onuoha-ogwe Nnamezirim

“Dr. Livinus, thanks to you and the whole Acemedix family, you guys did not just teach us, you helped us build our confidence. I was never in doubt for one minute and I was really impressed.

Dr. Kome Okaruefe

“Thank you Acemedix for providing us a platform which prepared us for the MDCN exam. I appreciate every tutor who participated in our success, you all made it possible.

Dr. Joy Afikpo

“I don’t know where to start but thank God I found myself in Acemedix. I was very skeptical about writing my MDCN exam this year 2020, because I came home late due to the pandemic.

Dr. Omasirichi

Hmm, where should I start from? Okay, I guess there’s always a somewhere! I’m “examophobic” most of the time, not because of a lack of knowledge but because I don’t want to fail! The

Dr. Duwai Zachariah Kajang

“Acemedix will always give you what it takes to be good and what will build your confidence to face any exam not only MDCN. As we are different, we should try by all means to know our individual

Dr. Cynthia

“It was exactly 11 weeks to the exam date and because of COVID-19, I was not even prepared to write the exam this year. I just graduated in July and was told the exam was so difficult and we

Dr. Utomobong

“Every great hero has his or trial times but it takes such a person to recognize who will lay the foundation to greatness. Thank you Acemedix!”

Dr. Abisoye

“Choosing Acemedix is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my journey to becoming a Medical Doctor. I remember being clueless about what materials to study for my MDCN exam. I

Dr. Sani Muhammad Panda

“Passing MDCN exams is one of the best moments you could experience in your life, especially if it’s not your first time. Do you really have a dream to experience that moment? If your answer is yes,

Dr. Cynthia

“When I came back to Nigeria, I had no idea how the MDCN exam would go. However, I had heard so many stories about it and I was scared that I wouldn’t know how to clerk or counsel with

Dr. Ayomide

“I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to start from, being an online candidate and having little time to prepare, I really felt like all odds were against me. I didn’t know where to start from. But

Dr. Whitney

“Words can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to Dr. Dozie and all the Acemedix tutors. I had less than two months to prepare for this exam and they made sure we were more than prepared for .

Dr. Kristine

“I had just a bit over two months to prepare for the MDCN exam. I was really scared and felt it wasn’t possible. I heard about ACEMEDIX and remember asking Mavis if I had enough time to

Dr. Khadijah Mojisola Sekoni

“I came back into the country at the end of August and for the life of me, didn't think I could make this examination. I joined the Acemedix family after so many recommendations from different

Dr. Ajayi A.F

“The mocks were what made me even sit up more because I could see how much progress I made after each mock. Dr. Livinus and his team made sure everyone was straight and they were readily

Dr. Oyebode Eunice Inioluwa

“Glory be to God for the success in the just concluded MDCN exam. A big thanks to the Acemedix team for the great job done. As at August this year where I studied, I wasn't very

Dr. Dahir Hashim

“Acemedix Academy is one of the best experiences I had. Doctor Livinus and his team are not only amazing tutors but they are passionate about what they teach. This helps you build so much

Dr. Esse

“I chose Acemedix and I did not regret it! Towards the end of my 5th year, I already knew I wanted to be a part of Acemedix. Something about it just exuded excellence and I was drawn to it. So, I told

Dr. Funmi Akinlade

“I had so much going on in my life during the time I had to prepare for the MDCN exam. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would be possible but Acemedix’s succinct and intentional curriculum

Dr. Emmanuel

“Ok make I no lie... It was overwhelming just thinking about the whole MDCN. People would scare you by saying “MDCN is this”, “MDCN is that”, “you need to read the whole of this guide or

Dr. Jaliya Obuzor

“My name is Doctor Obuzor Jaliya Ogelenye. My MDCN journey has been very eventful because I have tried 5 times and didn’t make it. My first trial was in 2017 in Ilorin. I was referred to Acemedix

Dr. Chituru

“Thank you so much Doctor Livinus for letting me join the Acemedix Port Harcourt family, the tutor [Doctor Emmanuel] did a whole lot for us, it wasn't just a tutorial, it was a family and I'm really glad we

Dr. Esther Bisola Fakorede

“ACEMEDIX. I just have to call that name. Quite honestly, there were a good number of people and groups that all played a part in my success. I am nonetheless quite aware of the importance of

Dr. Elizabeth Dairo

“I want to use this medium to appreciate Acemedix Academy and all our wonderful tutors- Dr. Nabila, Dr. Bukky, Dr. Selimat, Dr. Abdul and others. Also special thanks to Dr. Perpetual. You

Dr. Makut Christie

“I am sincerely and forever grateful to God, my family and the entire team at Acemedix. It has always been my desire and plea to pass this exam once but there were moments of doubts and

Dr. Adeyinka Victor Ade-Ajai

“I arrived for the exam on the OSCE day at 7am. After waiting several hours, my number was called and I went into the hall. I was a little nervous but I just tried to keep my cool and I told myself that I

Dr. Christopher Jennifer

“My joy knows no bound. First, I’ll like to thank God almighty for everything and also Doctor Livinus for preparing me not only for the exams but for my house job too. I’ll like to thank all the

Dr. Tofemb

“Acemedix is simply the name. It's the tutorial where you ace any medical exam. Before the exam I asked one of my friend and school mate who passed on 1st attempt to tell me the best tutorial

Dr. Babas Puamus Oki

“Dr. Livinus, thank you very much for helping bring our dreams to reality. I appreciate you and every member of the Acemedix team, Dr. Zoe, Dr. Farida, Marvis and Dr. Ameera. God bless you all 

Dr. Aileru Monsuru Kehinde [BSc., MD]

“Acemedix is the best. Most candidates amongst those that passed from other tutorials started from Acemedix. The way Dr. Livinus has arranged this study group is exactly like that of a family

– Dr. Omam

I had heard about the dreaded MDCN exam and didn't know how to start my study. I'm a very organised person, so I started from Google—searching for the meaning of MDCN and what..

Dr. Mary Nifemi

“I don’t know where to start but I’m grateful to God for His divine help and for directing me to Acemedix. Considering how eventful this year had been, I registered for the tutorial in August..

Dr. Florence

“ACEMEDIX!!! Where do I even begin? I graduated from medical school in July 2020, and because of the recent pandemic, I had ruled out writing MDCN this year, till the date for the exam was ..

Dr. Yerima Elna

I was so unsure of myself and of my decision to seat for the MDCN exam because the pandemic delayed our return home. But the first thing Acemedix built in me was confidence.

Dr. Toyin

“First, big thanks to God for his mercies and his faithfulness over me. Next, I will like to thank the Acemedix team. I joined the Lagos branch after so much thought, and it has been an amazing..

Dr. Nkechi

“The first time I wrote this exam, I didn’t make it to the pass list. Lol. I almost gave up on MDCN wahala, until I read Doctor Livinus’ encouragement text on Telegram.

Dr. Allen

“First of all, my thanks go to God who made it possible. Many thanks to Dr. Livinus who took it upon himself to follow me up and who gave me the courage to build my...

Dr. Bilkisu

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. The service offered has been professional and friendly. The administration side has worked seamlessly.

Dr. Samiru Adamu

“I finally passed my exam after 5 sittings and it’s all thanks to Acemedix. Despite joining late, I spent only 3 weeks with Acemedix and I was surprised at how much I have achieved.  Thank..

Dr. Henry

“Dr. Livinus is an awesome teacher. The Acemedix tutors were just the perfect mix. I’m glad my friends and I joined the tutorials because we all made the pass list.

Dr. Esther Bisola Fakorede

I just have to call that name. Quite honestly there were a good number and people and groups that all played a part in my success. I am ..

Dr. Zainab Adamu

“The news of MDCN exams came as a shock to most of us as we weren’t expecting to write it this year. Since I had very little time, I needed to join a tutorial group ASAP. I heard about Acemedix ..

Dr. Chizoa

“I had written this exam for a while and at a point, I just gave up. But Dr. Livinus called me and told me to start classes. When I did, I found that the Acemedix tutors were the most warm ...

Dr. Destiny Imoisili

“Choosing AceMedix was one of the best decisions for me this year. Acemedix, just like its name implies, is structured to help us all ACE the MDCN exams.

Dr. Goni

When I said 6 weeks preparation won’t be possible, Dr. Livinus reassured me: “Listen Doctor, there’s nothing to worry about. The MDCN exams will be very easy for you. You will..

Dr. Jossyln

Honestly, I was so scared when I first started reading for MDCN and joined Acemedix. I had several panic attacks and couldn’t bottle it up anymore so I decided to talk to Dr. Livinus...

Dr. Marvel E.

Thank you so much Dr. Livinus and your team at Acemedix. I remember back then before I came back from Ukraine, the thought of MDCN always gave me palpitations.

Dr. Motunrayo Akindele

“When I was referred to Acemedix tutorials for MDCN exam preparations, I wasn’t expecting it to be so thorough but yet simplified. I felt like I was going through med school over ..

Dr. Elizabeth O. Dairo

All glory to Almighty God for the success of the exam. Congratulations to all who made it this time and I also want to encourage those who didn't make it not to give up on their ..

Dr. Winnie Ekong

“I got to know about Acemedix from my sister and her friends who joined the tutorials when it wasn’t even as upgraded as it is now (i.e., there was no app and numerous clerking and ..

Dr. Chioma Peters.

I was introduced to Acemedix by some of my friends who previously attended other tutorials. And I must say I never regretted it for one second...

– Dr. Tamara Okoro

I was a student at Acemedix Academy from January 2020 till November 2020. I have to say that Dr. Livinus and his team really make sure that no one is left behind. If you are super..

Dr. Anita Tsado

Two months to my exam, I wasn't sure I would pass, because I had a lot to cover and I had not started reading. I joined Acemedix and did my first mock and the OSCE was a disaster. ..

Dr. Akinmade Olufemi

Mehn, where can I start from? First, I'm so glad I'm among the doctors giving their testimonials. Clerking, Counselling and Physical exams had always been problems for me. I used to run away

Dr. Fatimah

“Before I joined Acemedix, I had a lot of doubt about the MDCN exam. But after joined the tutorial, the tutors at Acemedix made things easier to comprehend and always tried...

Dr. Mercy Atteh

For someone who was totally clueless about the medical system in Nigeria, deciding to do my tutorials with ACEMEDIX was a brilliant idea. The tutorials prepared me ADEQUATELY...